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About: Majesty African Marketplace

In 2007, our daily prayers were:"God created the eyes to see, he created the ears to hear and whatever he has in place for us to do, he should open our eyes to see it and give us a mind to accept it and to run with it..."

One of the things we did was write down our strengths. We came up with a list of business ideas we could do individually or collectively. One of the ideas on the list was to start an Afro Caribbean Store; we ended up embracing this idea because there was a need for it in the community and we believed the gift of God in us will complement such a business idea. It was the only business idea that we had no previous experience or knowledge of. We were very excited about the decision so we placed it in the hands of God through our prayers. We prayed about it for a long time and waited on the Lord to make a decision. We prayed earnestly for almost 4 years, and the main part of the prayer was that "God’s Will will be done."

Finally, we sought advice from our parents, in the Lord, and also asked for both of them to join us in prayers to seek God’s will in regards to our prayer. To our surprise they both said the same thing telling us that God had already answered our prayers. All we needed to do was to take a step out on faith, and as we know without "Faith" it is impossible to please God. We took that first step of Faith and the rest is history. Faith gave birth to MAJESTY.